At the Fork between two paths…

yourpathSome days it is a struggle to look at the many paths that lay in front of you and choose the one you want to walk on.  Depending on where you are on your journey, each of the paths can be enticing. Then the voices within you, the voices of all your past: your younger self, your family, teachers, your critics, and, of course, your current self, begin to ask questions. They talk over each other and try to drown each other out.

Do you want success, health, money, happiness? Are they exclusive of each other? What is the easiest and is that the best? Or the hardest? Does that meet with the most rewards? Can you go down more than one path? What happens if we get stuck on our path? You thought you were only pausing for a moment but now you can’t move forward. Can you pause on the path? Turn Around? Change Direction? Are there side journey’s? Helpers or guides along the way? Bumpy spots?

Often we have chosen our first path right after high school or college, but this does not mean we have to stay committed forever to that one direction. Events, in and out of our control,  happen in our lives that can alter or change our goals and therefore change the path we are on. Not only can it change it, but it can bury it completely so that there is no way to turn back. The hard part is learning that when the path has changed and  to recognize the moment. At this point, we may grieve for the lost journey or we may find relief.  Then it is time to look around and forge a new, fresh path to travel onward.


Life is a mix of confusing metaphors: Choose the path least followed or don’t reinvent the wheel. In our journey’s, both are true. You must find your OWN true path. You cannot really follow anyone else’s. However, if someone has already laid down the framework of a trail, use it. There is enough struggle and turmoils involved in moving in the right direction. If 50 people before you have already given you a trail to become the best teacher, than use it. No, your journey will not be identical to theirs because you are you, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage of the already good teaching programs out there.

In the “Happiness Project”, author, Gretchen Rubin, goes on a year long quest to find happiness. She reads hundreds of books and ends up changing many aspects of her life. Little things and big things. At the end she is happier but it wasn’t just about doing exactly what the books said. It was how she listened to what others said and wrote and used the IDEAS the best way for HER life. She edited, adjusted and sometimes removed the advice she was given. Her end result of more happiness was because she chose her own path through hundreds of pieces of advice.

As I am starting this blog, I am beginning a new direction. I am still caught on the end of one journey  as I clear the brush for the new path. I am letting go of the many years that I have spent working with young children and using all the valuable lessons from there to help me in my creative pursuits. The Creating Room has been almost ten years in the making. I have had to dodge boulders, cut through landslides, and cut down branches to come to this place. I am so excited and scared to begin here. Don’t be surprised if I stumble, laugh out loud at my mistakes, or even cry a little. But mostly, I want to have fun walking with you on our journey’s. path2

So tell me, what is your starting point? Where are you on your journey now? Are you starting from this moment? Are you in the middle? Do you need a push? A nudge or just a little inspiration? Are you grieving for the old journey? Are you ready to start over?


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  1. What a great post. Your journey sounds very interesting. I’m at the beginning of mine. Good luck to both of us!

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