Let’s Play (a creative prompt)

Let’s play Word Wednesday. 

What is Word Wednesday? It’s a creative prompt. A single word or type of word to jumpstart a creative moment. 

So today, I want to know, what is your favorite word? 


My favorite word for the last 17 years as been the CARNAGE. I love it for the way it sounds. I love, at least in my opinion, that it sounds like its meaning. Its rough, deep, guttural sounding. The first time I read the word, I knew what it meant, even without the other indicators in the sentence. 

Dictionary.com defines it as “the slaughter of a great number of people, as in battle; butchery; massacre”. The word itself is violent. 

I realize that it seems strange for a girl that loves paint and glitter, fairies and pretty things to like a word like carnage. But I respect it in its unapologetic 400 year form. 




Carnage covered three lanes on the highway,
glossy red blood against her pale skin;
Peaches squashed and scattered; sweet summer smell in winter.
Harder and harder she pushed the petal down,
until singing became screaming;
until she couldn’t feel her heart skipping beats.
The decrepit tires lost their hold on the wet roads.
Her dragon pendant, his last gift, so tight around her neck;
Spinning around. Sliding across the dark night.
Spotting the white owl, she surrendered.


I want to see what your favorite words are. I want to see your poems, pictures, drawings, collages, or whatever you desire to play with. Have a Wild Word Wednesday.