Fabulous Fall

leaves on the grass

I love fall. I love watching the colors fade and change from end of summer greens to yellows, oranges, bright reds, and purples. I find comfort in the changing season as people change from shorts and t-shirts, to pants and sweaters. Where I am, some years we have a good fall, and sometimes, we skip straight from summer to winter. The curse of living in the Northern California valley. However, some years, I have time before the rains come to relish the wondrous transition.

fall tree 2

On many occasions driving home, I love the way the afternoon sun shimmers through the red, orange and yellowing leaves. It lights the tree like hundreds of rich golden flames. I am always in awe of this beauty. One day, I figure, I will stop the car at the right moment, and in the right place, and be able to capture a tree on fire by the sun. So,  I went in search of autumn arriving. I have wanted to do this every time I drive home from work but haven’t brought the camera. Today, in my little city, was a perfect day for surrounding myself with fall. A cool wind in the air, rustling leaves under foot, a desire to (almost) not wear my flip-flops, and nice graying sky set the background for my little outing.

fall leaves 4

Autumn is a season of contrasts, of letting go and preparing for hibernation under warm blankets with hot chocolate, and a   pull to be outside, crunching leaves and gathering fall harvests. This year I am focusing on letting go. Letting go of those ideas and things that no longer help me. Letting go and preparing to gather what makes me stronger and comforted in the cold.

    I believe this change to be vital in serving my creative spirit, and my whole soul. 

  fall tree 3What are you letting go in this lovely season of change? What are you gathering around you to keep you warm and comforted in the winter cold?