Today, I found inspiration in an unexpected place. 

Today, I saw, women sitting in a semi-circle, being told that they and the service they have provided, will no longer be needed. I watched them as powers larger than them, attempted to supply a justification for the decision being made. 

I saw them sit with heads up, shoulders centered, and calm faces as the blows were dealt. I saw grace…dignity….integrity. Beneath calm expressions and polite, and sometimes, terse words, frustration, some anger and resentment may have been there, however, these gracious women, did not lash out. They said what needed to be said and asked what needed to be asked. There were tears. There were truths expressed on both sides. 

I was inspired by their grace. I was inspired by the dignity they held within themselves. 

Artists, creative persons, and in life, all people, at some point will be faced with a person or persons that don’t need us. They don’t want us. Our art isn’t good enough. Our writing is terrible. My child could make it better than that. Your service isn’t needed. It is easy to feel like we want to lash out, to argue our side but it is more often to our own detriment. 
If you are no longer needed or desired, than all of the falling out, yelling and screaming, cursing and disagreeing, will not change that ONE person’s mind. Often, what gives us our power is grace. It is dignity. It is integrity. 

And here is the truth of of it all, it made them more beautiful because of their strengths. It made their presence all the more wonderful. I was privileged to watch them. They have inspired me to face the world and some of the harsh blows it sends out with the gracious beauty they have.