Let’s Wish

Tonight, I am tired. The week has been long and stressful. Today, my daughter turned 16. It was bitter sweet. I love the person she is and the person she is becoming. I can’t believe it has been 16 years since she came into my world. I feel old tonight.

So I started wishing that I was just a few years younger, and wishing to be different than I am now.

I realized those are not the right kind of wishes. I would miss so much if those wishes came true. So, instead, I wished to be able to more present with my children. I wished to be more present with myself. I wish to be more me and less trying to be other’s versions of me.

IMG_3886Here is a wish flower (as my daughter used to say),

What would you wish for?


2 thoughts on “Let’s Wish

  1. I wish for you to reach whatever goals you set for yourself. I wish for you to know how I am always proud of the person I see before me… the woman you have become. I am proud of the wisdom you’ve gained through all of your life’s experiences… proud of how you are always willing to share your knowledge earned and learned, yet always seeking more than what you already know… you embrace learning in so much of what you do. And I am proud of how you pass those ideas onto your children. You teach them to work “within the box” they currently have, but you also teach them to think outside the box in so many ways, especially in how to not be willing to settle on just the “safe and comfortable” choices whenever life throws a few pothole in their path. You teach by example; you look for ways to regroup, and not only do you think outside the box, you find ways to re-invent the box if need be!

    Whenever I read the words you write, I am in awe. Just as you are reflecting on your life as you celebrate your first-born turning 16, I am reflecting on my own life and wondering where all that time went since you were turning 16. Then I look at you, and your sister, and each of your beautiful children, and realize I get the best gift of all: being close to each of you and sharing in these milestones “up close and personal”…. a gift I do not take for granted!

    An excellent example is your recent post about “The Pictures that I took without a Camera”: reading it reminded me of something your sister told me years ago when I was lamenting how I wished I had taken more pictures of her growing up (a frequent second-child-syndrome where the first child’s photos fill an album or two or three and the second child barely has one album… and I bet many of your readers know exactly what I mean!). She told me “that’s okay mom, I didn’t miss out; you were more busy making memories with me than taking photos of me…” Like you, she helped me see a negative as a positive. How can one person be so lucky, two times over?


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