Magic Feather

feather2Did you ever see the movie Dumbo?

In it, Dumbo is supposed to perform in a circus, but he gets scared to jump out of the “building” for the circus act. So, he is given a feather, and he is told that it will help him fly. He holds the feather in is trunk and then he jumps.

Then he flies. He believes it is the feather that has given him the power to fly. But one night he drops it.

He flies on his own. No feather. The power was in him all the time.

When I left home for the first time, my best friend gifted me a magic feather. One found at one of our favorite beaches. I kept it for years. Anytime that I thought I could not do something, I would pull out my magic feather. It reminded me that I have the power to fly within me.

It is within all of us. Everyone can fly. Everyone has the power within them to do that thing that they are most afraid of. Once in a while, though, we need to be reminded that the power of belief is OURS.

So, in case you have mislaid your feather. In case, you need to be reminded to BELIEVE. Here is a feather for you. Go ahead, Take it. Hold it close and JUMP. You may just fly.