How will you Play today?

Let’s play today.

When was the last time you felt you toes sink into soft warm beach sand or wriggle around in some cool gooey mud? When did you last squish play dough between your fingers, or played with glitter and glue? Have you stuck your hand in a big bowl of rice or flour and just played with the texture between your fingers?

These are the things of play. Play lets us explore, experiment, and discover. Play helps our creative spirit.

When we play, our brain takes in all the lovely information about the textures, smells, colors. It records how we pick it up, dump it out, squish it, shape it. Then, as our lovely mind is preoccupied with all this wonderful sensory input, it begins to make connections. It starts flowing through all the stuff we already have in our heads. And because our conscious mind isn’t paying attention to all the stuff hiding in our brains, the unconscious mind takes those connections, and starts sending them to the conscious mind. This is why we have “ah-ha” moments in the shower, bicycling, or whatever other play you participate in.

So, today, try something new. Preschoolers and toddlers love to squish, and dump, and shake. It is all about exploring. So go explore something new. Use your fingers to paint, write your poem with color crayons, sculpt with play dough, take pictures looking at the world as a three year old would.

What will you play with today?