When the Muse Naps

I was doing it! I was blogging faithfully. Happily spilling words across the keyboard. I was also editing photo’s, looking at the possibility of my own business, planning workshops, and crafting. In all my exuberance, I also began blogging at BlogHer’s. Creativity and inspiration were abundant.

Then, life set in.

Three children’s birthdays.

More hours at the office.

Wrapping my head around being laid off.

Rewriting resume’s and job searching.

And, I crashed.

I sat before my happy computer screen, a blank white page, the curser blinking wildly, taunting me, and I had nothing.

Not a word.

I shouted to my muse, “Hey! What’s up? What’s going on? Where are you?”

She put her hand up to me and yelled, “NAPPING!”. She rolled herself away from me and closed her eyes without saying another word.

I sat aghast. Napping! How could she be napping? It was time to write. It was time to create.

As I sat, staring at the white space before me, it occurred to me that I had done nothing but run and run and run. Here is was nearly midnight on a Monday night, and I hadn’t stopped “doing” for almost 2 weeks. There was so much energy going out but there was nothing coming in to replenish.

This is how you have a forced three week break from writing.

This is how you remind yourself that as much as you want to write, or paint, or draw, of solve beautiful mathematical equations, that you must also allow time to bring in ideas and activities that fill you up.

It is how you keep going.

Without the break, the brain gets tired. At some point you will look at the project you have before you, and wonder, “What was I thinking?”. The answer will be that you weren’t, at least not clearly and fully creatively present. Or you may just sit down to your project, and discover that your muse has decided to take a nap. She just may make the choice for you. Hopefully, you will remember to do something that allows your muse to replenish and be inspired.

My muse and I are friends again. I apologized. We rested. We read. We cooked. We played with paints, and a few rounds of “playing with words”. Now, I am back to gratefully filling up blank pages to send out into the world.