How Do I Play?

I have been asked, how do you play? What is your creative play?
Most days, I play with words.


I love playing with my camera. I have an awesome Cannon that I use, plus my very trust-worthy, been dropped more than I count, iPhone 4 for taking pictures. I LOVE trees, pathways, flowers, beaches and the way sunlight filters through the world

.yourpath         looking up      looking over lost coast
You can find me playing with glass and glaze. Oh, and beads too. Love them all. I really love glass. (it makes great tinkling sounds)

Collection1         sanddollarcharm           feather keychain
Crayons and PENS! I have a thing about pens. I love them. The way to my heart is through pens (and chocolate).

photo 2           Some evenings, I play with food. I love cooking shows and often experiment with techniques in the kitchen. Thank goodness my children don’t mind.

I can be outside playing bubbles with my 5 year old or play-doh at the dining table, or maybe doing arts and crafts stuff with my girl scout troop.

geran and bubbles


At the end of the day, you may find me under a blanket with a good book and hot chocolate.

How do you play?