When You Stand by the Ocean



Stand by the ocean


Standing with my feet sinking into the damp sand, I remember the words to a song, “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean”.

There is truth in that sentiment. Standing before its vast nature, understanding that immense size of the ocean, and hearing the crashing and booming of the waves, it seems right to feel small while I am standing here.
But not today. As my feet sank deeper into the sand and the water rushed past my legs, I did not feel small. I felt a part of the ocean. I can feel the ebb and flow, the converging of smaller waves into the undertow. I found my soul as immense as the ocean itself.
There is within each of our souls the same vastness and strength as the sea. We have within the power to move and reshape the world around us. How we reshape the world is determined by how we allow our waves to crash around us. One can rush in upon the shore, washing away the sand and revealing the secrets hidden beneath; or crash and beat angrily at the height of storm, ravishing the land before us; one can ebb and flow, gently soothing the land beneath our feet.
We are no less than the ocean.
Our souls no less beautiful or magnificent.

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