Do you have a Dangerous DayDream?

Dream beach
What is Dangerous DayDreaming?

It is using your unique daydreams to help you move forward. Let them help you send your life spiraling happily in the direction you want to go. When you let yourself have a Dangerous DayDream, you are giving yourself permission to break out of your comfort place.
It is dangerous, and a bit scary, to reach inside and know yourself.

How do I DayDream?
Let me tell you that I daydream about traveling to Ireland. It is the one country that I have wanted to visit for, well, a really long time.
I long to travel in the countryside and stand along the cliffs over the ocean. I want to stand among ancient stones and castles, listening to the whispers of the ghosts in the walls. The images of Ireland stir my imagination and creative soul.

First, I give myself permission to dawdle around in my daydream.

It is hard to give oneself permission to take time out to dream. It is necessary. Sometimes it feels like I have to sneak it in with all the things I am “supposed” to be doing. You might see me on a quiet Saturday morning, before kids are awake, watching videos about Ireland. One year, my sweet dad bought me a subscription for Ireland magazine, and I would look through it, memorizing each picture, taking note of all the places I want to visit. At one point the bookstore had some travel guides that were two years old on clearance. There was just one left for Ireland, and I bought it.

Give your self permission to spend time on DayDreaming. It’s ok to dream. Pick a DayDream.little rainbow 2

Second, I dream in small doses.

This can be hard. I have to be careful not to spend so much time daydreaming, that I forget to do my work. I visit my DayDream to propel me forward towards building a business that will allow me the opportunity to travel there, not just once, but many times. The dream is great motivation when I am stuck or frustrated and ready to give up. Small doses of Dangerous DayDreaming can go a long way.
So, once you have permission, gather what you need for bits of DayDream dipping. Then, give yourself those quiet moments to sink happily into your dream.

Third, the DayDream influences my creative flow.

As I was brainstorming how to get to Ireland, I wondered: what if I offered a creativity retreat in a small, quaint hotel with green landscape and flowers? Then, new pendant design ideas came to me as I was pondering all the bits and pieces of a retreat journey. The mythology of Ireland often creeps into my writing. Irish fairy tales, celtic mythology and some of the history flow together to create a mystical ideal in my writing mind. It flows through me when I am writing poetry or fiction.

Do you have a Dangerous DayDream?
How do you let it feed your creative spirit?
How will you let it lead you on your journey?

Practice the art of Dangerous DayDreaming.
Start with just ten minutes.
Make the DayDream real.

dangerous daydream watermarked