Ten Minutes to Creativity

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” ~Goethe

I often hear people say that they could not do start a creative project or write or paint because they don’t have the time.  Being creative requires too much commitment. Other times, they confess to not starting because they are afraid they won’t finish.

Here is a fabulous secret.
The secret to all creative pursuits.
Show up!
Give yourself TEN minutes.
Just 10!
The secret is to BEGIN!

Taking ten minutes isn’t about the final product; it is about jumping in, taking that deep breath, and creating. In the writing classes and workshops I have taken, many of the free writes or quick writes were only ten minutes. It gives the writer permission to jump in blindly without overthinking it. Once you start, something amazing will happen. You will want to create more. You will open a door you thought was shut. What’s amazing is what next…beyond that door is even more creative magic.

It could be playing with creativity isn’t new to you. You already make time for it.
Instead, you are looking for something fresh.
New inspiration.
Something that sparks the inner fire and brightens the flames.
Your ten minutes allows your creative self to play in other sand boxes for a little bit. When you do this,  your creative spirit is awakened to new ideas, new processes, and new forms of expression.

Then there is the big “S” word. STUCK!

Stuck sucks!

I have been there.

Maybe I am stuck on a story or poem. It could be you are stuck on a painting or photography assignment. Doubting about what direction you want to go to finish it. Or, maybe, it’s not knowing where to start. Or feeling slightly lost about “What next?”
When this happens, I remind myself to take 10 minutes.  Poetry quick writes, journal writing with a friend, taking photos,  or playing with paints are creative interventions  I use to bring me back to my creative center. The tasks are not large or daunting,  and they don’t need to be. It’s not about completion; it’s about creative soul play.


Find ten minutes to write a poem or paint a background.

Ten minutes to take as many photo’s as you can or write 200 words.

200 words in ten minutes each day for five days is about 4 pages.

4 pages a week over 12 months is 200 pages!! Could half a novel!
Your small bits of time make a difference.
Be BOLD. Use your power. Create Magic!
Look below for Cool Ten Minute Ideas!! 
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