Your Creative Wild Self!

I believe that sometimes we all need a little Wildness in our lives.

Its takes us out of our ordinary day and makes something adventurous happen.
It may come show up on your doorstep and knock incessantly until you let it in. I certainly hope that you do.
It takes courage to open the door up to the unexpected. It takes courage to come out of our comfortable places.

When Wildness doesn’t come knocking, then sometimes, you will have to cultivate some for yourself.


Could today be the day you decide to take yourself on your own WILD adventure?

No person’s wild adventure will be the same as another’s. AND each time you take one, it will be different from the time before. Allow the wildness to happen. Allow the unexpected to sneak up on you delightfully.

The simple essence, the heart of adventuring and cultivating your Wildness to give permission to use your courage and move beyond your normal boundaries
Here is your permission to go trekking through your creative self and feed your soul with new adventure.
Look at the world around you from a new perspective to see where your trekking leads. The ballet? Theater? Improve street performance? History museum? People watching at the river? Our creative souls thrive both on the creating and in the feeding of new ideas. We must refill ourselves with those things that will give us creative energy. The more You open yourself up to new wild experiences, the more the creative spirit will be fed.

How can you add some Wildness in?
*Read a book that you would not normally read: different author, genre, subject. What have you wanted to read but have never dared to before?
*Check out magazines…maybe cooking, woodworking, travel. Flip through ones that are maybe a little different than you would normally pick.
*Do you take a walk through art galleries, history museums?
*Or walk along an overgrown trail? Go to a new park, campground or other natural environment?
How will you CREATE your Wildness?
I have the courage within to begin a creative Wildness adventure. I am Brave enough to invite the unexpected in. 



3 thoughts on “Your Creative Wild Self!

  1. Love getting out in nature – I need to do that more often. It seems like the summer is zipping by and I’ve only went on a couple of hikes this summer!

  2. Your postings serve as reminders for me to always honor the creative side of myself…. even when I sometimes forget to or am too tired to… you have become my “creative-nudge” and I thank you.

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