The Ten Minute Journal Page

The Ten minute Journal Page

I keep a written journal. I write in it every night. Recently, while on a writers retreat, I began making pages every morning with little poems, photographs, favorite quotes, writing prompts and affirmations. When I returned from the retreat, I still continued the practice. Though not done every morning ( I often alternate between drawing a mandala or making a journal page), I attempt to do 2-3 a week. The best thing is they really only need to take 10 minutes. It is my way of setting a tone for the day.

Let me share my ten minute journal page with you.

First Step: Get your pens, pictures, or magazine clippings, glue, stickers….whatever you think you will need. Then I usually find a poem I have written, or I will write one based on my mood at the time. That will set the theme of the page. Today’s was a poem of mine called The Phoenix. I used a piece of handmade paper for most of the poem.

Second Step: Look for a photo or image that helps translate what I am thinking about. I chose this brilliant sunset since sunrises and sunset remind my of transformations and transitions. The affirmation is written above it but it can be placed anywhere. Today’s says: “My soul is capable of grand transformation.”


Step Three: Add other embellishments, quotes, or bits of poems. Here I added another blessing type poem to the corner, some edging doodles, and an attempt at the back of phoenix wings.
Check out some other ideas below. 20150730_151741

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I encourage to try the ten minute journal page. Journaling does not have to be hard. Make yourself a journal box that has photos and other images, pens, pencils, glue and stickers. You can even make your own stickers like I did. Just purchase some sticker paper and print whatever you want, then cut them out. I keep all my pages together with my mandala drawings. Please feel to share your Journal pages on my Facebook page or find me on Twitter, @susrene. I would love to see what you do.