Ten Minute Tuesday: Creative Meditation

Today’s Tuesday ten minute creative activity can be done in two parts or all at once. The meditation takes as long as you need it to. It isn’t timed. The activity following in a ten minute guideline. You can always go longer if you feel the need. 

Creative Self Meditation

You are standing before a door. This door is for you only.
Open the door.
When you open it, you will see a full length mirror. Walk to the full length mirror and look at your image in it.
Now, I want you to slowly remove one title that you wear. Mother. child. Take it off and toss it aside. Now, watching yourself in the mirror, slowly remove each title that you wear, and toss it aside.
When you reach the image of yourself without titles. Look at who you are. See what you are wearing, or you may not be wearing anything. Take a moment and be comfortable with your image.
Step away from the mirror and look around the space you are in.
This is YOUR space. There are no pictures here of friends or family. Nobody is here with you.

Are you inside or out? What is in the space with you? Look around at the colors and objects in the room. What sounds do you hear? What smells are around you?
What inspires you? What makes you smile? What makes you reflective?

This is the place that you create from.

This is the you that you create from.
When you are ready, walk to the door, and open it again and back into the world.

light blue door

For Ten Minutes: Create from this space. You can write, collage, draw or paint…whatever you feel comfortable doing. Incorporate the important elements of your creative space within you. It’s not about replication of the space but creating a reminder of who you are when you are creating. Something you can see and hold onto when you are creatively stuck.