Tery Brouwer: Creative Soul Poetry

I am starting a new series for the next six weeks. I will be featuring interviews with some of my favorite coaches, writers, and creative souls. These are the people that inspire me constantly. Their honesty, creativity, soulfulness and good spirit are infectious and motivating. I am sharing them with you so that you too can be inspired by these amazing people.

My first interview is with Tery Brouwer from Creative Soul Poetry. Tery has been an inspiration for me since I first met her online two years ago. She knows how to get to a person’s creative center and help them focus. Her intuition, insight and kindness are her best qualities when working with people. She gets to the heart of the matter, finding the place where one needs to become unstuck in their creative process. While working with Tery she was helped me to focus on my creative goals and inspired me in new directions. Through in-depth phone calls and e-mails, she helped me get on track with my ideas.

Tery has the experience of using art and the creative process for her own healing and uses the same ideas and techniques with others. Her artwork is beautiful and serene, creating a sense of calm in her shell and beach inspired designs.  Her love for the ocean inspires her work and is an integral part of who she is. Her many talents include being a Reiki Master, a Healing Arts Coach, and a Holistic Health Practitioner. She finds ways to use her diverse skills in her healing and coaching.

1. Tell me about the birth of Creative Soul Poetry?

Having battled with depression and domestic violence, I have always turned towards creativity and spirituality as a healing modality. Through my healing process , I have embraced a spiritual practice and in turn became a Reiki Master and Healing Arts Coach. At first, I had a blog called Willow Creek Studio where I shared my journey and process with becoming a Reiki Master and Healing Coach. Willow Creek Studio was more of a journey that I shared rather than a business. At one point, I was so stuck and lost with how and what to do with my dreams; I took a huge step back and let it all go. I ended up creating a Facebook page called Gypsy Bleu Persuasion where I decided to simply have fun. One night, I was meditating and asked the Universe and Angels to please help me with my direction; to give me the answer that I am looking for as I’m truly a Creative Soul who just wants to inspire others to heal. Creative Soul Poetry came screaming at me loud and clear! 

2. What are your personal preferred forms of creative expression? For Fun and Healing?

My personal form of creative expression is through the written word. Between writing articles and journaling, I love to express myself. For fun, I love to fingerpaint and dive into shell crafting. As for healing, I have embraced the love for photography, meditation, cooking and nature.

3.  I love your Mermaid Tales Project. Can you tell me what inspired the Mermaid Tales?

I created a Mermaid Template many years ago and it basically just sat there: I had no idea what to do with her. After reading the book, Women Who Run With The Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’, it came to me. Battling with depression and wanting to be the Wild Soul that I am, I wanted a creative way to self-express myself; then it hit me! Using the Mermaid Template as my wild expression through art journaling. I chose not to give the Mermaid Tales a face as she experiences many moods and emotions. I wanted each Mermaid Tale to reflect what I was going through at that time. I have even dedicated her look/design according to projects I work on. Before I knew it, she was growing and each Mermaid Tale had its own look; she became my Inner Goddess. Now, I created a Mermaid Tale Workshop to help others get intouch with their Inner Goddess. 

4. What coaching approach do you use to help your clients?

My coaching approach is listening and just keeping it real as well as offering workshops. I am more of a creative facilitator and writer. I love to inspire others through the written word, ecourses and always share my story and experiences. 

5. What is one of your typical clients/students?

My typical client/students are honestly those who want to heal. We all have the need to heal for different reasons. Whether someone is grieving, battling with depression, a mental illness, domestic violence, abuse, feeling unfulfilled in their lives, wanting more out of life, feeling stuck, lost, confused, sad, angry, wanting to embrace a dream that they are hungry for – my services provide tips, tricks and guidance towards a self-healing practice. The truth is taking care of ourselves is the number one thing many of us lack; we need to embrace self-love and we always need a helping hand.

6. You mention battling with DV, Chronic Pain and Depression? How have these influenced your creativity? Did a creative practice help you to survive these issues? How do they shape your coaching?

Creativity in itself is a form of meditation. When I am creative, I am lost in my own creative world in which takes my mind away from my chronic pain. Once I am absorbed in a writing piece or artwork, I don’t feel physical pain. When I left my EX abuser, I embraced writing and shared my story. Writing is a form of creativity and I ended up writing for a Women Abuse Column in which I received an Award. Creativity is truly my choice of drug. My life experiences and journey shapes my coaching by utilizing the tools I’ve learned to heal. I help others create their own tools as we all know deep down in our hearts what makes our soul sing. Our pain, desires, dreams and emotions truly are our Soul’s Poetry.

7. When talking about self-healing, what do you mean by that? Does it mean I don’t seek out professional, therapeutic help or other medical help?

We are all healers and self-healing is about nurturing the soul. I believe in seeking out professional help as I went through counseling myself for seven years. I believe in medication as well if you truly need it, but I also believe that we have more power than we realize. We have the power to heal and nurture ourselves and we deserve to make ourselves top priority. Self-healing to me is more than just giving yourself Reiki or embracing meditation – it’s about honoring yourself, your emotions, your needs, your desires, your passion and your dreams. 

8. What does it mean to be an intuitive empath?

A person who is highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and who is a good listener. They are an observer of life and others. They take on people’s pain and confuse it with their own. Even as a child I knew what people were thinking or going to say before they said it. I know a person’s actions before they act. People will ask how did you know that: it’s like a knowing, but you don’t know why. All my life, I have battled with this, but never had a title for what I was feeling or what I knew. I have come to the acceptance that this topic is so sensitive in itself. I don’t have the answer. You just have to believe.

9. What will someone get from your coaching or your courses? 

They will embrace a self-healing practice, gain self-love and be inspired to make themselves their first priority. They will nurture their souls and gain strength to go for their dreams. Their true authentic selves will unveil as I ask a lot of questions and provide fun, inspiring activities for clients to do. Most of all, they will walk away inspired and realize that regardless of their ups and downs, depression, turmoils, doubts and fears – these things have absolutely no power over them; that they have the power to move forward and make their wildest dreams come true!

10. I love to know fun facts about people, so tell me what is your go for broke all out favorite meal/date?

Pizza and beer.

11. And where is one place you want to travel to?


You can find Tery at the links below! Her blog is a must read, inspiring place to begin.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creativesoulpoetry

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/terylynne/

Website: http://creativesoulpoetry.blogspot.com/
Tery Brouwer~Creative Soul Poetry
My heart and passion is through the expressive arts and spirituality. Having battled with domestic violence, depression and chronic pain, I utilize creativity and a spiritual practice as a healing modality. I inspire others to create their own self-healing practice and self-care ritual. I truly believe that when we tap into our creative selves, our dreams unveil. artme