Ten Minute Tuesday: Letting In

Following your creative passion is not only about what you express or do in the world but it is also about what you let into your creative soul. When we are stuck or in a rotten mood, sometimes it is best to allow in something that soothes us. Maybe it’s music or the sounds of rain or the feel of the beach beneath your toes. When I am in this type of place, I crave the crashing, rhythmic sound of ocean waves. At night, I may listen to Enya or piano lullaby music.

breath of earth 2Each moment dictates it’s own comfort.
There will be some days when we need to shut down completely and not let anything in. Those are the days when we must listen to our creative spirit and allow silence to come in.
This allows for processing. It allows the brain, the body and the spirit to catch up with one another and be in alignment again.
However, as lovely as this retreat from the world can be, it is just as important not to dwell here. It doesn’t do your soul any good to be stuck in this place of solitude. It is very rare indeed for a person to be able to create well in permanent or long-term isolation and silence.
Here is a practice for today:

I want you to let something in.
Let in music.
Look at some photography.
Let in a creative product that is not yours. Allow it into yourself and take it with you when you create.

breathe out breathe in note

If you want to challenge yourself even more take in a creative form that is distinctly different from yours. For example a children’s writer wanders through a display of metal sculptures. Or a painter reads some poetry by Billy Collins. A photographer peruses young adult fiction. Creative fuel can be found in many places. When we let it into our soul, it only empowers our creative self.