Perspective: Yours, Mine and Ours

img_64761.jpg Let’s talk about perspective. It shapes, colors, outlines and defines all of who we are. It informs our writing, our art, photos..the list is extensive. I often hear the phrase, and have used it myself, “look at it from their perspective.”
How many views can there be on one topic? At what point does looking at different perspectives become a technique for stalling decisions and making progress?
I do admit there are times when I am writing, that I wonder and contemplate what other people will think. I wonder if I am including the proper perspective on a particular topic. Maybe I am excluding someone or making assumptions that will hurt, disrespect or anger some unknown person.
Then, I stop.
I let it stop what I want to say until I can see it all from their different points of view.
I find that I am fighting my own private battle about beliefs that are not mine.
I don’t own them. Often, I am not sure, I want them.
So, instead of writing and creating what I feel I want or need to create, I change or water it down.
Then, after a day or so, I often throw it out.
It’s ok to know there is another perspective. It’s ok to understand another’s position.
In order to make a difference in your writing or your art or in your life, you must bring yourself out into the world as well. You are your own perspective, and someone out there is waiting for your point of view as you are waiting for theirs.
So share it.