Help for some Magical Manifesting

Magically Manifesting some help here.
I have been told and believe that you need to ask for what you want or need.
Well, this weekend, I have discovered I NEED mini van repairs. My van decided she didn’t want to hold a battery charge and that her brakes need to be replaced at the same time!
In honor of this need, I am offering an Etsy sale. Just use the code FIXIT15 to receive 15% off any purchase over $15. Then as a Thank you in my time of need receive another email coupon for 10% off good through the end of October. Holidays are around the corner so this is the perfect time to stock up on cards and little gifts like pendants, magnets, and affirmations.

Check out my Etsy shop: and shop away!
Below are just SOME of the products that I offer.

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