Laura Probert: Fiercely Alive Writer

My Friday interview this week with with the energetic Laura Probert. Laura reminds me of a bundle of positive energy, spinning around and casting off good vibes where ever she goes. I was surprised to learn she had a black belt in Taekwondo when I first met her. She is truly a sincere, kind hearted person who loves to reach into the depths of the soul and bring about healing in multiple forms. She has published several books, among them two journals, Warrior Joy and Warrior Love, Journals to Inspire Your Fiercely Alive Whole Self. You can find them here.

I briefly introduced you to Laura in this blog post. I was privileged to meet Laura through a writing group on Facebook and she has inspired me to keep writing even when I felt like I couldn’t. She may not even know it. Her enthusiasm for the written word, and especially poetry, is contagious. So even in my darkest, most stuck moments, her energy seeped through the vast internet and inspired me to keep writing along. Without delaying anymore, let me introduce you to fabulous Laura Probert!

What or How were you inspired to write your first Warrior Journal?

I attended a John F. Barnes Myofascial Release class back in 2/14 called Quantum Leap. ON the way to Sedona on the plane, I had what I can only describe as a moment of divine intervention.  I wrote a poem on the plane which I would later read to over 200 people at that class. I had been writing poems all of my life, but after this event, 48 of them came rushing out. I started thinking about what to do with them, and the Warrior journal idea was born!

Please explain to me a brief introduction to Myofascial Release.

It is a profound and powerful hands-on mind body soul healing technique that combines pressure and stretch with the practice of awareness. It addresses the fascia – a 3D whole body web of connective tissue that makes up and surrounds everything you have on the inside of you.
The fascia is a super highway for light, energy and information…. it was ignored in my anatomy class 20 years ago
They are starting to research it more now and find it to be the place where consciousness possibly resides.
Ive been practicing for over 20 years.

How does your physical therapy practice and myofascial practice affect your writing and vice versa? DO they influence one another?

Yes, definitely! My whole life has been about this healing journey. And it’s no surprise to me that I picked a healing career. I started journaling when I was 15. I wrote and published my first book in 2012, based on the healing journey I had been on. The book was Living, Healing and Taekwondo; It is an inspirational memoir about my healing journey, including the span of six years when my son and I trained and earned our black belts together. It was all meant to work together. Writing has been an incredible healing tool for me.

What philosophy of life have you developed by incorporating both your practice and you creative self in your work?

For me the journey has been about uncovering/rediscovering my self-worth. That was my thing, my key It was my shit.

Who are the artists involved in the first two projects? What was it like working on a collaborative project like this?

Jeanette MacDonald, Atousa Raissyan, and Mary Claire, and Phil Tavolacci was involved (art) in the second journal.
Working collaboratively was FANTASTIC! AMAZING! MAGIC!  I am still pinching myself. The journals are a source of inspiration. So reading the poetry or looking at the artwork will hopefully light a creative fire in the reader and inspire them to make their own magic on the pages. I want people to wake up and be brave about being themselves and I hope the journals help them do that.

How does each Warrior Journal differ? What can we expect from the new Warrior Soul Journal?
Warrior Love was the first baby and it’s a combination of poetry with artwork followed by blank journaling pages. It is a collaboration between myself and three artists. Warrior Joy is basically the same with the addition of one more artist.
Warrior Soul will be a bigger collaboration and include over a dozen artists/poets!

Do they have to be done in order?
no, you can start in any of them!

What will someone take away from working through each of the journals?
The thing you’ve now seen on my stuff:  Wake up. Be Brave. Heal your shit. Do what you love.   I love this because it’s what I had to do and still have to do to live in a way that lights me up every day.
It’s ALL about awareness.

When can we expect Warrior Soul to be available?
I am hoping it will be ready for the holiday rush!  LOL

Do you see other types of collaborative projects in the future?

I love collaboration. I run a collaborative workshop now, called The Healing Moves Workshop where 6 expert healers come together to give people a taste of the healing options they have. The workshop is totally fantastic. The next one is in Bethesda on Sept 12th. And I am cooking up a different sort of collaboration for 2016 healing retreats where I hope to partner with artists and healers to bring people more “Healing Moves” in a smaller setting over a two day period.

If someone wants to work with you in person what can they expect?

Working with me in person means that they will be evaluated and treated holistically, by someone who cares about them and is truly interested in the integration of mind body and soul. It means that they’ll get an expert that knows how to deal with complex pain and dysfunction and that I will teach them tools they’ve never seen before to address those issues. It also means that they will leave (usually) with more hope than they left with and a new definition of healing.

Just for fun, What is your favorite all out meal? Where is one place you would like to travel to?

Meal would have to be along the lines of what I used to enjoy in my Italian grandmother’s kitchen. Fresh focaccia , homemade ravioli, and cannoli for dessert.
One of these days, I am going to get my butt to Australia!

laura probertLaura Probert, MPT is an expert healer, teacher and writer for people sick of pain and fear getting in the way of their joy. She’s serious about integrating mind, body and soul as a path to healing and she’ll show you how. She works with people who are ready to take action toward their dreams by waking up, being brave, healing their shit and doing what they love so much they lose track of time. Laura’s a regular contributor for The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and Wild Sister Magazine. Her blogs have been featured in Tiny Buddha, Black Belt Magazine and The Elephant Journal. Her thought-provoking challenges, classes and workshops will help you redefine healing and take your journey to the next level. When she’s not igniting transformation in her clients you’ll find her writing, hanging with her kids, dogs or a horse, or taste testing dark chocolate. Find her at and

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