Allowing the Soul

We carry our soul with us always. It is not an entity separate from self but rather an essential part of our self.

Sometimes we listen carefully to what the soul says and other times, we shut it out, refusing to hear their voice.
I believe it is at these times when we feel the most lost. Since we are no longer connected to our internal power, we move through life as a shadow, unsure of our direction.

For me it happens the most when I try to be the more practical person that I think I should be, instead of allowing my creative self out to play. Life comes with obligations and as I try to meet them, I find that I “forget” to sit down to write or I “don’t have time” for writing or creating necklaces or taking photographs. This isn’t entirely true though. I am sure they are the little white lies that I say to quiet my soul that is stomping around and whining to play.
Since this aspect of my soul is with me every day, I must also learn how to either live with its constant desire to be heard and create, or I have to sever my self from my own soul. To be separated, torn apart from my soul sounds lonely, dark and lost.

Instead, I must challenge myself to find time is my life to let my creative soul out. I need to give her a place to say what she wants to say and do what she needs to do. I must “let go” of all the “shoulds” and “have-to’s” and allow. Allow my soul to breathe out loud.
My challenge is to simply find ten minutes in my day to play and create. Ten minutes to put words on paper, edit a photo or begin a journal page. Just ten. I have found this is just enough to quiet my playful soul. Some days, when my list of to-do’s seems exceptionally difficult, in letting go for just a while, I come back to my “stuff” and am better able to get it done.
How about you?

Can you find ten minutes in day to allow? Ten minutes to let go and give your creative soul a voice to say what they need?Maybe even a simple meditation for your soul to hear. A reminder to the soul of it’s value and necessity. I invite you to let go and allow. I invite you to give your soul a time to play.
So come play with me.

I am the shadow print marked