Ten Minute Tuesday: Fall Bucket List

Fall is officially here. My creative soul is craving warm and spice, pumpkins and autumn colors. So I have created my own Fall Bucket list. Creativity is inspired by so many different aspects of our lives. Allow the changing of seasons to inspire you to take some time for you (and your family, if you desire.)

  1. Make a Homemade Apple Pie. I am 41 years old and have never made a homemade apple pie. So this year, I am going to be brave enough to try it, including the crust, which I have heard is the hard part.
  2. pumpkinpatchPumpkin Patch. Though my kids are getting older, the two girls being almost 18 and almost 13, I still love the pumpkin patch. They secretly like going too and looking at the animals and picking pumpkins. I love watching my 7 year old play on the giant stacks of hay they put out for the kids to climb on.
  3.  Carmel Apples. I have not made these since I was a kid. So, it’s time to make them again. Though I think I am going to opt for doing slices of apples on sticks and letting them dunk them in toppings, rather than the whole apple that they never finish anyways.
  4. Leaf Collage. I love collecting fall leaves. I love the colors and shapes. I enjoy the process of flattening them and drying them out, then creating a collage using either contact paper or Modge Podge or something similar
  5. Halloween Town movies. These are a must every Halloween and even the oldest likes to sit down and watch it with us. Great family time…maybe we’ll eat the carmel apples at the same time.
  6. Gratitude Tree. We started this on the fall equinox. I plan to have to kids write as often as they want what they are grateful for. So far I have had good participation if I make it part of our dinner time ritual.
  7. Fall Squash Soup. A FAVORITE of mine. I wait until fall and I roast my butternut squash, acorn squash and some apples. Add a few other yummy things and then blend into a scrumptious fall soup.
  8. I LOVE LOVE pumpkin spice coffee. I get it at Starbucks or I have syrup and make it at home. This year, I want to try making it from scratch. There are more than a dozen recipes for doing it yourself, I am sure one of them has to be good.
  9. Craft Fair. I make things: pendants, cards, rune sets from wood. I want to one craft fair this season. Just one at least to see how I do.
  10. Gourd Painting. I did this with my youngest last year and it was so much fun. I want to so it again this year with all my kids.
  11. Drink real Hot apple cider. Maybe while watching a movie and eating carmel apples.
  12. Popcorn Balls. This is also something I have not done since I was a kid. Maybe we’ll add some fun stuff to it just because like Candy corn.
  13. up through the treeFall Photo List. I pulled a Fall photos list from www.simpleasthatblog.com by Rebecca Cooper. My goal is to see how many I can get out of the 50 she has listed.
  14. I love blanket forts. This time of year, when we are supposed to be stuck inside because of rain (which California really needs. Rain dance please), I want to make a fort for the kids, at least for one day. Around here, I have a dog that might demolish in before the next day.blanket fort story signed
  15. Thank you Cards. A gratitude tree is nice but I think I will sit down with my kids and have them write Thank you cards to family and friends just to thank them for being in their lives.
  16. Make a personal gratitude list. Just for me and my eyes, thank you very much.
  17. Read a book as a Family (or start  I have always wanted to do this. So I think this will be the year. I am going to start them with my favorite, Harry Potter.
  18. Bird Feeder. This is so much fun and you can make them in so many different ways. It is possible I will set up the table with different things to make bird feeders from and let the kids just go.
  19. Pumpkin Spice Experiment. There are so many pumpkin spice flavored things out there that I want to try at least one new one. I just saw pumpkin spice flavored soda at the store yesterday. Maybe run a taste test with the kids.
  20. Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt or Halloween themed Mall scavenger hunt. Another kid one. Both ideas are fun but until fall actually arrives here an outdoor fall nature hunt may not work. I have done mall scavenger hunts with kids before and they are a BLAST!




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  1. This is awesome. Auntie and I had a great time looking over your ideas and are looking forward to the outcome of the various ideas! WAY COOL!

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