Ten Minute Tuesday: Your Magic Wand

This Magic Wand serves as a talisman, a physical representation and reminder of something you want to gain, learn, or achieve.  The magic wand may take two 10 minute sessions or one 20 minute session. The focus of my wand is forgiveness, honesty, and truth. There has been a lot of chaos in my life lately and I felt these were the ideals I wanted to remember.


First, I have several real beach wood “wand” sticks that I found on a trip to Arcata, CA. Then I selected my ribbon colors. I used fall colors as fall reminds me of letting go. I also already had created little cardstock affirmations as well as some Tigers Eye chips. You may also want a glue gun or a fast drying, clear glue.


I wrapped my ribbons one layer at a time. I started with the widest ribbon for the base.


More layering.


All my ribbons glued on with a glue gun. It’s all wrapped and ready for my embellishments. You can also choose to write on your wand or write out your affirmations and attach them in a way that works for you. I used jewelry findings for the stones and resin drops over the cardstock, poking holes in the paper to attach it to the stones.


Finished wand.


The wand sits on my desk along with a blue one that is for remembering to be true to myself and my dreams.
What will your magic wand do for you?