Ten Minute Tuesday: Mindful Walk

When we create we we expend a lot of energy away from ourselves and into the creation we are currently working on. Sometimes we can go for hours, days, and maybe weeks with pouring our creative energy out of us. At some point though, we need to stop, refuel the creative stores. Our creative self needs to breathe and take time to practice awareness of the world.

I do this by taking a walk. Some of the time a walk is just tuning into my music and walking until I’m done, especially if I have a list of things I have to do. However, when I can, I walk mindfully for at least Ten minutes, often going for twenty or more minutes. I allow myself to notice specific things: the way the sunlight filters through clouds and across the soccer field, the snail tracks on the sand and gravel walking track, the small buds of flowers still blooming. Some days I focus on just one thing, one color, one aspect of the trees or the grass. I allowed myself to NOTICE.

Today, I walked for ten minutes, noticing all the things that were red. Fall really hasn’t come to the valley yet, so still a lot of green and golden wheat colored grass and bushes but red…that’s the color of fall. Below you can see the pictures I took of all the red things I could find at the park where I often walk.
I encourage you to take a ten minute mindful walk. Pick a color or an aspect of the tree, like the leaves, and pay attention to them. What does this do for you? In noticing the little red things at the park, I noticed other bits of red like how some of the trees are getting little red tips, gorgeous red and orange flowers tucked up on a neighbors yard, the tints of red coming through the cloudy sunrise. Noticing fills up the creative self by allowing us to see with different eyes other opportunities for creative fulfillment.


5 thoughts on “Ten Minute Tuesday: Mindful Walk

  1. This is a great reminder to all of us who rush around without noticing the beauty that surrounds us. We do need to slow down and look. Being a photographer I often force myself to focus on just one thing, one object or just one location. It’s a great creativity boost.

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