Ten Minute Tuesday: Journal Page

So, I LOVE to collect quotes. I pin them on Pinterest. Collect them on pieces of paper. After a bit of a break from journaling I found my way back to it using the quotes I love collecting.

Do you have a favorite quotes? Or sets of quotes that go on a theme?
I noticed I had a lot of sayings about magic and fantasy, as I am still a someone who loves fairies and dragons, and reading fairy tales. I also had a bunch of quotes about being an artist and free spirit. So I created journal pages around them.

I glued my pieces of paper to the page and added in doodles, my own thoughts and bits of my poetry. It was fun to delve into certain aspects of myself. To play with these sides of my personality.
So here is your ten minute Tuesday challenge. Gather your favorite quotes together. Grab some glue and markers or paint. Create a page around their commonality. Or maybe they contradict one another…what happens to your journal when you place quotes that are the opposite on the page? The point, my friends, is to play with the ideas. Explore them on the page.

Here are two of my pages. Have fun with yours!



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