What’s on My Craft Table?

What have I been up to the last few weeks? BUSY! Very Busy.

I have a practice of drawing a mandala a day (at least one). I do them in pencil, trace in black ink then photocopy the original so I can color them in any way I want. I love my collection of black and white mandala’s.

Custom horse necklace and keychain using customer photographs. I love making these for her. The keychain was for her husband of his horse and the black on is hers. I really enjoy creating custom orders. If you are interested in a custom piece just e-mail: susansouldesign@gmail.com

BOOKMARKS! My newest creations. I have two kinds:metal beaded ones and hand done laminated ones. Soon to be listed on my Etsy page.

Outside of cyber land and craft making, I have also been designing The Creating Room’s first Masterclass, “Let’s Play” a preschool Masterclass for adults who want fun and self-discovery. It will be an eight week class. Right now, I am looking for a location and time to have it. Hopefully soon, I am sooo excited about it. It really puts my twenty years of preschool/toddler teaching and adult mentoring skills to a fun new use.

Finally, I have been working on creating worksheets and forms that suit my needs, and are more in-line with my style of working. I have created calendar/planner pages ,iced with journal/goal pages, blog post page, and project worksheets. It was a lot of trial and error to see what worked ad what didn’t. A lot of frustration over boxes too big or lines too small but I am proud of what I have accomplished creating a product that I would use that combines a few of my favorite things.
That’s about all for now. So, if I go quiet, just know I haven’t left you behind but am working on some cool stuff behind the scenes.
What have you been working on?