Ten Minute Tuesday: Write from the Book

For today’s Ten Minute Tuesday task, I present you with words and phrases taken from a book I found at home. I highlighted the key words and phrases.
For Ten Minutes, I want to see what you can write. A short beginning of a story or a poem. Maybe a  short, short, short story. The choice is yours but you MUST use all of the words and phrases that are highlighted. If you want to see what I came up with, head over to The Creating Room Facebook page and I will post it below the blog share there. page 2prompt

In case you can’t read them well: evening, pageant, high-spirited, ragged, my amulet, hammered


page 1 prompt

More: magic loose, shatter glass, gray eyes, sharpest flint, expression, falling under, my secrets, gaze.

What will you write today?