Three Reasons to Practice Failure

It is an easy assumption to make that it is better to succeed the first time than it is to fail. After all, who doesn’t want to be successful in their pursuits, especially if you are an artist, writer, or other creative soul trying to make an unusual living. However, I believe, just recently, that there is a HUGE benefit to failing and in fact, the more we fail, the better we became in at least three areas.

  1. Perseverance! This is a big one. Perseverance teaches to move forward and try again, if we don’t get it right the first time. This is a learned trait. We are not born with with it. If we don’t learn it in childhood, then we need to teach it to ourselves in adulthood. Often children are great examples of perseverance. How many times does the baby get up stand, try a step or two and then fall. But they keep trying again and again until you can’t keep up with them because now they are running everywhere. Perseverance picks us up again, dusts off our booties, and keeps us moving forward. We need this tolerance of failure because we will not succeed the first time in everything we try. When we practice this, then we become more resilient in the light of failure or mistakes.
  2.  When we fail at something, we allow ourselves to have a more realistic view of the world and the problem before us. Failing us allows us to see the positives and the flaws and make the necessary corrections as needed. In learning the flaws of our experience, we learn to ask for help when needed and learn to differentiate between when “we got this” to “I could use some guidance.” Knowing this is essential to future successes. Each time you fail, and start another project, then you know your limitations and can predict when you will need help or not.
  3. Failure allows us to be more CREATIVE!!! In trying again and again, we become creative problem solvers, looking for new solutions in places we might not have other wise tried. Creative solution seeking allows to look outside our comfort zone and see if the answer lies somewhere else. When failure is encouraged and even portrayed in a positive light to children, it gives the freedom to explore and expect failure. When one expects that failure is a possibility, we are given HUGE Creative Freedom to seek out possibilities. Isn’t that an essential aspect of living a fully creative life? To look for the new and unexpected or to make the old a new surprise? We want to explore and encourage a positive failure so we can grow stronger and more resilient, a better realistic view of our situation, and MORE CREATIVITY.My friends,
    GO OUT AN FAIL! Fail a hundred times. Grow, become resilient, and most importantly, BE CREATIVE!!

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