My Fave Facebook Peeps! Part 1

I want to introduce you to my favorite people on Facebook. Some are coaches, authors, cooks. Looking for Christmas presents why not  get a coaching session or a cool Warrior Journal. Anyways… Welcome to Part One of my favorite Facebook peeps!

1)Debra Clark at Bowl-me -Over
I LOVE Debra’s cooking page. She shares so many awesome recipes; not just her own but other great pages as well. She has a great blog where she shares stories as well as her great cooking. P.S. She loves pics of flowers and loves animals.

2)Shai Beardon/ Vagabond Studio and Wild Sister Magazine
Shai is an Etsy Queen. Turning her jewelry business into an amazing success story and now she teaches other small crafts people how to do the same. She is also the Wild CEO of Wild Sister magazine! Shai keeps it real and rocks it out. An inspiration to follow. You can also find her at her Unleashed website,

3)Jani Franck
Jani is a fun and whimsical artist from England. She runs a non-profit business, The Art House (“Your one and only creatively inspired, community run, organic, love-filled, not-for-profit, quirky, wonky, home-grown, 100% original, local cafe/gallery/venue/home-from-home in Southampton.Bringing inspiration, art, ethical food and creative joy to our city since 2008.”); She also has her own blog, Jani Frank: Reclaim your Creativity, Enchant your life. 

4) Creative Soul Poetry
Tery, is the magical coach behind, Creative Soul Poetry blog. As a coach, she is inspiring, intuitive, funny, and enthusiastic. She wants to help you as much as you want her guidance in creativity. She shares inspiring posts, creative ideas and challenges your comfort zone.

5)The Coaching Tools Company

Emma-Louise is the coach that runs The Coaching Tools Company. Offering inspirational post, sometimes coaching tool freebies, and great coaching tips. The worksheets and packages that are part of the Coaching Tools company are offered in a variety of topics from personal to business coaching. There are even worksheets for keeping track of client information and running your coaching business. Once purchased you are able to personalize most worksheets with your own logo. Emma is a kind and delightful soul to do business with.

6) Lamisha Serf-Walls

Lamisha is an outstanding coach offering up enthusiasm as you search for your dreams. She wants to help get you unstuck, moving forward, and catching all the wonderfulness that you deserve in your life. I love that she keeps it all real by sharing what works in her life and what doesn’t. There isn’t something that she is sharing that she has not tried. Follow her for great inspirational posts and some really cool offers.

7)Laura Probert 

Laura is the author behind the Warrior Journal Series. You can find all three journals: Warrior Joy, Warrior Soul, and Warrior Love on her website, All the books are collaborations with other writers and a variety of artists for creative inspiration. Laura has a generous spirit and is delightful to talk to, full of encouragement and empathy. Her energy is vivacious and contagious, put simply, it is wonderful to follow her posts of epiphanies, insights, and creative prompts.

Tomorrow will be Part 2. I’ll share seven more favorite, awesome people to follow on Facebook.