My Fave Blogging People Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of my favorite people. Seven more fascinating and creative people that inspire me  often.

1) Leonie Dawson: I remember Leonie from the planetsark forum many years ago. I remember when she posted that she sold her first print to Blue Mountain. Now, this phenomenal  woman has taken on a life and business of her own. She runs an online academy to help women succeed in their lives and businesses, and creates and sell planners to help them discover their path. Leonie does not hold back. She is funny, real, and cusses often in her blog. Down to earth she brings her life into her business as they overlap.

2) Bari Tessler: Bari is a financial coach and offers financial therapy to help people get on track with their money stories. She runs a year long course called The Art of Money that is about getting to the heart of the “elephant in the room”, MONEY. Her husband, Forest is someone I attended college with and respected. When he began helping her bring her program into the world, I was impressed by their supportiveness ability to work together on a topic many people would consider difficult at best. I follow her free podcasts and newsletters. It is a goal that possibly next year, I would be able to take her Art of Money course.

3) Jeanette MacDonald: Jeanette has amazing artwork that is beautiful, quirky and delightful. Her art often tells a story that is relatable on many levels. I did an interview with her a few months ago. Check it out here: Jeanette MacDonald:Painting from Her Soul

4) Jim Steinberg: Jim is a one of a kind author located in Humboldt. I met him a few years ago at a writers retreat. The author of three books (one novel and two short story collections), he is working on his second novel. His stories pull from the imagination often sparked by that little something that may have occurred in the “real world”. His interview,  Jim Sternberg: Following the Scent of a Story is also on my blog.

5) SARK: Susan Arial Rainbow Kennedy. SARK is my hero when it comes to writing. She never gave up and her first book was not published until later in life. I have met this wonderful woman three times and each time she was delightful and kind to everyone who attended the events. Her writing, her connection to herself and to others, is what gives her storytelling so much life. Her books are written from her life. I have followed her career as a writer and overall inspiration for twenty years and, at one point, owned every book she had written.

6) Kelly Rae Roberts: Kelly Rae Roberts is a mixed media artist living in Oregon with her husband, and their son, True. Her art has been seen on everything from prints to scarves and coffee cups. Inspirational and dynamic, her down to earth style speaks to so many people. In her Facebook posts, she talks about her life outside the studio as well as her life within. They work together in world, a balance that is often difficult to make.

7) Elizabeth Gilbert: Elizabeth Gilbert surprised to the world with her book Eat Pray Love (mentioned here). The follow up was not so much of a hit but her newest release, Big Magic (still on my to read list; just waiting for extra funds to do it) has been a big bit. I love watching her Ted talks on You Tube; they are inspiring and motivating. Her funny, energetic manner make her a joy to watch and listen to.

I would love to hear about some of you favorite people to follow, blogs or on Facebook. I am always looking for creative inspiration.