Ten Minute Tuesday: Drawing Mandalas

It’s no secret that I love to draw mandalas. In fact, you can often find me drawing them while waiting for appointments or during a meeting, or even watching tv with the family in the evening. They are a great way to take a few minutes to refocus.
My favorite instructor on drawing mandala’s is Kathryn Costa of 100 Mandalas.  She has created some great videos on how to draw and color mandalas

This link will take you to the first in a series, How to Draw a Mandala for Beginners. When you are done watching poke around her page a bit. She has such a variety of Mandalas. I often look for inspiration there when I want to try something new with my mandala.

If drawing is not your cup of tea, try coloring them. There are a few coloring books that focus on coloring mandalas. This is also a great meditative practice. Here is the link to Kathryn Costa’s guidebook with projects and ideas, The Mandala Guidebook: How to Paint, Draw, and Color Expressive Mandala Art. For coloring, I use Mandala Magic and also Color Me Calm, which has mandalas and other coloring templates.
The beauty of the Mandala is that there is no perfect. It goes where you lead it. For every person, every mood, there are probably a hundred different designs. It is meant for you to follow where you soul leads you.

Here are some of mine: (And if you visit my 12 days of Yule page, you will find one to color for free).




3 thoughts on “Ten Minute Tuesday: Drawing Mandalas

  1. What a delightful surprise to see your post today and to see that I’m your favorite mandala instructor. I’m all smiles! Thanks to for the links. One note, my book that is coming out (The Mandala Guidebook) – it is not a coloring book but an art instruction book. It is filled with lots of wonderful projects and ideas for creating and coloring mandalas. Thanks again for the shout out. You made my day.

      • These next couple of weeks I’m super busy with my online Mandala Retreat. After that I have a new video that I’ll post and I’ll get to work on episode 2 of my podcast series. Can’t wait for the book to be in hand…it is available now for pre-sale and will be coming out this spring. I’m so excited for 2016 and all of the new mandala projects and offerings. Stay tuned!

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