My Secret Project: Day Planners

Over the course of several months, I worked on a project that has been something I have wanted to do for a long time, a day planner. Not any ordinary day planner but one that allowed room for micro journaling as well. Spaces to fill in during those little moments during the day. I have three different day planners that I put together and finally made available through Lulu Press.

The Dream Create Play Daily planner is a six month planner that includes the monthly, weekly, and daily options. With places to pick out themes and affirmations for the month, as well as choosing which projects you are going to focus on. The weekly section has room for appointments and notes and micro prompts. The Daily pages have an hourly schedule, a contact list, meal planning spot as well as some mini prompts. It is done in six month increments due to the size. The front of the planner (and all the planners) contains place for letting go, brainstorming future plans, breaking down goals, and setting them into action.

The Dream Create Play Weekly Planner has twelve months and five weeks per month. All the day planners are blank so that you can pick it up at any time and start filling in. If you forget about it or skip…just start where you are and keep going. So simple. The weekly pages are the same as those in the daily planner, with room for appointments and notes.

The Dream Create Play Appointment Calendar is also a monthly/ weekly calendar. In the appointment calendar the days are lined up with appointment slots, and room for notes at the bottom of each page.

Last but not least is my 12-month Wall calendar. I used pictures of pathways and poetry throughout to inspire every month.

Below are some of the pictures from the Daily Planner; these are the first few pages for each planner. More pictures and walk throughs will be coming soon! Pick up your planner today.

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