Ten Minute Tuesday: Painted Stones

I have always been attracted to stones. I collected avidly as a child; often coming home from some family adventure with pocketfuls of rocks. I loved the smooth round flat ones, the ones with flecks of color or striations through them. I would pick them so carefully.
I still love collecting rocks especially on the beaches where the water has worn them down to smooth surfaces. I don’t own a rock polisher or know the name for each type of rock. I just know when I hold it in my hand or up to the sunlight whether or not it wants to come home with me.

When you have a collection of rocks just sitting around and paint just calling to be used, sometimes you get ideas in your head. I decided to paint what I call “blessing” stones. I found some of the smoothest rocks from my collection, opened up my acrylic paint and grabbed my Sharpies and went to work.

I chose colors that would accent the little shapes and bumps of the natural rock and still let some of the real color come through. I used a thinned down mix of metallic aluminum, soft green, and white. The color blend depended on the natural color of the rock.

Once the first layer was dry, I either painted on a design or used a Sharpie to write on the paint. The thin layer of paint allows the rock to act as a better canvas so that it doesn’t absorb all the ink or painted design. Each rock took about 5-10 minutes to do. Depending on the design. All five were completed in less than a half hour.

Here is your Ten Minute Tuesday Challenge: Create your own “blessing” stones. What will you say on yours? If you want to use just Sharpie keep in mind the rock will absorb a LOT of the pen ink. It is why I recommend painting a thin coat on first. The great thing about these stones is that you can keep them nearby or hand them off to friends who might need a little pick-me-up. Any questions? Just comment below. Have fun!

Would you like one of my stones? First four people to respond on Facebook to this post and tell me what stone you like, can get one sent to you. 🙂


One thought on “Ten Minute Tuesday: Painted Stones

  1. This idea of yours ties in with what I want to do for the pathways of my back yard vegitable and herb gardens, and along the paths of my secret garden… I have been collecting certain stones from the two yards of gravel I had spread around my paths last spring… ones that “speak to me” so that I have a ready collection to paint. I have finally tried my hand at a few and yes, your idea of the first coat is helpful; I didn’t do that the first time and it did not work out so well, especially with the Sharpies. From now on I will be putting a sealing coat on them before decorating them… but I will keep some in a decorative bowl so that guests and loved ones can add their own touches, and the finished stones can be added to my garden paths. They will become my memory stones: a reflection of treasured visitors sharing a moment in our home or in our garden. I have also spread the word that I would love to have stones brought or sent to me…special stones that they have found and have personalized with their name or a thought or pearl of inspiration on it. I can’t think of a sweeter way to turn gardening into a walk down memory lane each time I wander or work out there.

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