Photo Wednesday: Silence

Muffled rolling cars
shrouded in gray mist,
my hands barely visible in front of me.
Drip drip drip
in the dark redwoods,
green ferns and
layers of needles beneath
my feet,
not even crunching under me.
My breathe falls in silence to the ground.

Have you ever stood in a fog so dense you could hardly see two feet in front of you? The world falls into silence as the damp muffles the sounds of the world going by. Or stood in the woods, no one around to hear only the quiet shuffling of branches? Maybe an empty house, abandoned by some unknown family?
Todays photo prompt is Silence.
Show me silence, the way you experience it…

What does it look like…taste like….feel like…

Take me through your silence in one photo or a series of photo’s.

Happy Picture Taking!