Ten Minute Tuesday: Journal Prompt


They either weigh us down or we let them out to keep them from eating us alive.

Sometimes though, the weight gets too much and our judgement let’s down our guard, then we tell our secrets to the wrong person or at the wrong time.

I know at one time in my life I did just that and a co-worker used it against me to put herself in a better position. It caused a lot of regret in trusting her. Now, looking, back, I understand the pattern that was happening at the time. I can see how I was so desperate to let my secret out that I couldn’t see the history of her manipulation until some time had passed. Since then, I am more careful with my secrets. I do believe there is a right time and place to express what you need to say because secrets get heavy.
Do you have a secret you with you haven’t told?

Today’s journal prompt is:

The secret I wish I never told….

Here is your ten minutes to write freely, openly and without fear of repercussion about your secret. Keep it in your journal forever or burn it and let the burden of it go.



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