Photo Wednesday: Love

It’s February, and Valentines day is just around the corner. Love is the topic of the month. We usually think of Valentines day as a day for romantic love, and there is nothing wrong with that. But what if we expanded how we see love. What if we looked beyond pink and red hearts and flowers, past the jewelry ads and romantic dinners? What does love look like then? What types of love are there?
What does love look like to you?
In today’s prompt, show Love but leave out the traditional trappings of romantic, Valentines Day themed love. Show me real and honest love.

The collage below is from a writers retreat I was on last summer. These writers have been getting together here for many years. I was cooking breakfast when I asked one of the early birds if he was ready to eat and he said “Not yet. Breakfast is a social affair.” This is a form of love to me; to wait for your friends to come sit and enjoy food.

breakfast is a social affair