Ten Minute Tuesday:Money, Money, Money

Recently I did a fantastic interview with Financial Therapist, Bari Tessler from www.BariTessler.com. She has some wonderful and healing ideas around money and each of our money stories.

Today’s Ten Minute Tuesday is inspired by what I have learned from her in our conversation as well as her podcasts and blogs. It isn’t complicated and it is fun.

Pull out your glue sticks, your paper or card stock or your multi-media journal and get ready for a 10 minute collage. Using photos, magazines, even real money…show your relationship to money in this non- threatening way. How do you relate to it? Is it your friend? Your enemy? Annoying?

It is best to be honest with yourself as NO ONE has to see it. Just you. The truth is you can’t really change how you use or feel about money until you understand your current feelings and attitudes regarding it. How does this relate to creativity? Often, we creative folks have fallen for the mistaken idea that to love our creative endeavors is to succumb to the myth of being poor, always scrapping by in a world that cannot appreciate “our art.”

What I have learned is that this idea does NOT have to be true for ourselves. We do not have to live out this idea of art/creativity = poor and struggling. It does not mean that the whole world will share this idea but we cannot change their minds unless we change our own attitude about our value in regards to money.

Here it is: Money, Money, Money…. Collage it. Your collage can even look like a brainstorm of all the words that come to you when you think about money. If you do want to share just pop over to The Creating Room Facebook page and share on this blog post.