Ten Minute Tuesday: Sand Play

Sand play is a trademark childhood activity. Preschools and day cares across the world empty sand play in their classrooms. Why? because it is a great way to explore texture, shape, fine motor manipulation and fun.

I contend that it also offers some helpful benefits to the creative adult as well. The sand I used was taken directly from a beach and is sooo very soft to the touch. It find it immediately relaxing. I can take myself to the beach just by sifting my hand through it.

However, sand play also offers some creative and meditative practice for the adult as well. Start with sifting your fingers through it. Let it fall between your fingers. Draw in with your fingers. Then, add to the experience. Little desktop Zen gardens have small rakes. This requires a simple stick, in my case a piece of driftwood found on another beach. I let my mind focus only in the moment on the drawing in the sand. After a few minutes, I began adding other elements and created mandalas with glass, shells, and rocks. An excellent way to use 10 minutes to refocus, calm and center the spirit and bring out your creative soul.