Birthday Bucket List

My 42nd birthday is this Sunday. Since I am not even close to where I thought I would be when I turned 42, I decided to create a bucket list of things I want to complete, conquer, see and do before I turn 45. That’s right, just three short years to accomplish the 20 things on my list. It doesn’t sound like a lot but these are the BIG things. The sometimes, once in a lifetime, challenging goals that I want to meet.

  1. Move to my own house somewhere on or near the coast of California. My preferences are near Arcata in the northern part of Cali or near Pismo Beach, near the central coast.
  2. I am working on a photo book. A creation mix of photos with short story poems on them. I want to complete this project from creation to publication in three years.
  3. A REAL two week vacation. I want to take my kids somewhere for a time away from home to someplace fun and explorable.
  4. Orcas Island, WA…I want to go back up and see the place where my dad is buried and travel around the island again. I lived there for a little over 6 months, and I miss it.
  5. Blog Growth: I want to grow my blog and Facebook page by 1000 followers.I think I can do it. Can you help? Just share it with the people you think would be interested.
  6. IRELAND. This is my Dream Trip. I have wanted to go to Ireland for years. Not just a quick tour, jumping in and out of busses; I want to travel the country, even the small places most people don’t go. I want to experience it as much as I can.
  7. Take the kids camping at least once each summer. It is an experience I loved as a kid and I want to pass it on.
  8. Accomplish a 25 mile bike ride in one day. I am working on this slowly. I made it up to 20 miles at one point but have not been riding as much and feel like I am starting over.
  9. I want to go hiking again. One of my favorite hikes is just over 9.5 miles long in Pt.Reyes, CA. I want to do this again without being sore and exhausted halfway through.
  10. Go back to school. I want to earn my Masters in Counseling, preferably from Pacifica Graduate Institute but that costs more money than I can afford right now. So I have to work on that.
  11. Create a Poetry Chapbook. I currently have well over 120 poems that, with some editing, would make a nice chapbook to be published.
  12. Finish my novel. I know, I know. Who doesn’t have this one but I mean it. The writing retreat coming up in June will be dedicated to writing.
  13. I want to get my cards and pendants into small, locally owned gift shops in my area and along the coastal regions of California. I think they make perfect little note cards to pick up. This includes making some prints too for sale.
  14. BEACH. Make times for the beach every summer. At least 2 trips out to the beautiful ocean with my kids.
  15. Create an online class that people pay to join focusing on becoming more creative.
  16. Teach a live class or workshop.
  17. Starting on my birthday, write a poem a week for one year, whether I want to or not.
  18. Increase the sell of day planners and calendars so that I sell at least 20 of each every month.
  19. Put all my skills together to have a successfully run, creative business to survive on.
  20. Take my kids to Disneyland because they have never been. I want to do the all experience for them and then hit up the new Harry Potter world at Universal…because I am a wizarding world nerd.

Why put them here? So I can have some accountability. So I can remember to focus on all my crazy dreams and have you poke me once in a while and ask how it is all going.
Take care and have a fab week.


One thought on “Birthday Bucket List

  1. You deserve all of these and so very much more! I wish for you “enough” so that these dreams…and many more… can come true. I hope I can find a way to make at least a little difference in some of them becoming a reality… but you have to promise to take me to Ireland with you… I’m semi-quiet, don’t eat much, and a cheap babysitter, hahahah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUSAN!!!

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