Friday Craft Day!

As we go into the weekend, I wanted to do something for you. Something creative and fun! If you don’t already know, I am a Pinterest addict. LOVE PINTEREST! I am always looking for cool ideas, recipes, places to go, and things to try.

Today, I bring my version of a couple of pinterest projects I discovered while playing among the thousands of pins. Here are a couple of the projects that inspired me.
(Click the link to see the picture.)

Here is how I did mine.

flower 1

I was lucky enough to have picked up some painted boards at this awesome scrap place in Arcata, CA, Humboldt Scrap! It is awesome and they have all kinds of stuff.
I had shells from a previous project, stone that I collected, driftwood that I collected, some acrylic paint, and some moss for another project.

Next I painted the stone yellow for the center of my flower.

flower 2

Then I painted the clouds onto the blue board. I don’t know why clouds but I decided to add a bit of a silver edging to them. flower 3

Then I just used E6000 glue (what I use for my pendants), to glue the items on. First the center and the driftwood. flower 4

Then I added the moss to the bottom.

flower 5

Finally I added on my flower petal shells.

flower finished

Yay! Not perfect but it sure was fun to play with the paint and glue, and interact with the other materials. I wished I had more shells that would have worked to make more flowers. The only thing I might add is a saying about silver lining…we’ll see because sometimes, I can just go one step too far. What will you create this weekend? I encourage you to find a project that you can play with. This only took about 45 minutes and I had fun.

I would love to see what you do.