Secret Wishes and a Contest

What do you yearn for? What is in the depths of your heart that you desire?

If there were nothing in your way, what dream would you chase? The truth is the one thing in our way is ourselves. Even on my own journey, I can complain about money, time, lack of solitude, too many responsibilities BUT if I examine my life closely, there is a way to bring my heart closer to my dream with a little work each day.

It does not matter what we yearn for. What matters is that we remember that sometimes the way to our dreams is through the hard stuff. Sometimes it is working through the money issues, mental illness, family problems, addictions…whatever it is that we feel holds us back, is part of the work of our journey. And, yes sometimes, my dear ones, it sucks. It sucks HUGE, especially when we feel that we have worked so hard and gone nowhere. We are rarely stagnant. Even the smallest step forward is a movement toward our desires. One of my favorite authors, SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) calls them micro-movements.

So despite what ever circumstances may be before you, what do you secretly yearn for? When you are alone with your own heart and soul, and all your desires, what is it that you long for?

Tell me. Leave a message in the comments, and I will send out a letter in a bottle to one lucky person. I am old fashioned contest person. Everyone’s name will go into a basket and a child of mine will pick one name from it. IMG_5184

What do I secretly yearn for?
If I tell you, will it still be a secret?
Will it jinx my secret wish? 
I don’t know.
I yearn for a place of my own;
safe, surrounded by green and wildflowers,
near the ocean,
where I can smell the salty air.
A place without numbers,
rather addressed by a name;
a place
of quiet,
peace and
A place the expands its love
makes room for visitors,
and still has space
for solitude…for writing, creating, crafting.
A place,
filled with the people and
things that I love.
I yearn for a sense of space,
belonging to
I want my work to spring
from here…
I want it to be a place that births
words on pages,
and art and photos;
that infuses my work with
the warmth and serenity
of my space.
In my dreams,
and day dreams,
it reveals itself to me.
In them,
I smell the ocean air,
feel the breezes as it blows through wild black-eyed susans,
taste the dinners eaten outside.
This is what I yearn for.