The Post that Wasn’t

What if I didn’t have a post for you today?
What would you fill the space with?
What Creative trail would you walk down if there were nothing too read today?
The post that I had for today “poofed” away. I had notes and a rough draft and now they are both misplaced, lost somewhere in all my blogging notes and brainstorm pages and I just can’t seem to find them. 
The truth is this happens often in creative endeavors.
The computer deletes the four pages we have just written.
The cat spills paint across the new picture we just finished.
A little brother spills his milk across the sketch of a new character design.
We lose stuff. It gets broken. Or Ruined.
we have stop and begin again.
I believe this is one thing that make creatives so strong.
The knowing that at any one moment,
our precious creation could be forgotten, lost, or ruined,
and then we have the terrible
The void were a piece of work once lived.
On the other hand,
maybe we start over, and
we are better for it.
Maybe we throw out the idea all together and
begin from the blank slate before us.
What makes creatives so strong is our ability to keep moving forward.
Never giving up. 
Allowing set backs to be just set backs
but not permanent obstacles standing on our path.
This applies for all creatives.
From the cook to the painter,
to the writer and the animator.
From the scientist to the mathematician
and the graphic designer to the comic book designer.
There will be times, either through our fault or not,
that we will have to start over.
We will have to begin again.
We may feel defeated or heartbroken, but instead of allowing
it to claim our creative souls,
we rise through the darkness and defeat to create again. 
We were born for our creative endeavors;
we were born creative souls.
We are born to live our lives creating, over and over again.