Ten Minute Tuesday: “Il bel far niente.”

The Creating Room

path slower framed“Il bel far niente.”

The beauty of doing nothing.
An Italian ideal that came to light when Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat Pray Love was released.
It is not our typical American culture way of thinking or even believing to be true. In our “pull yourself up by the bootstraps”, “work hard, then play hard” culture, the pleasure of doing nothing is truly a foreign concept.
The idea is slowly trickling into our lives though, through phrases such as self- care and “putting your mask on first.” We are slowly learning. We still haven’t quite grasped it. “Me” time still has tasks to do, lists of things to be accomplished in order for “me” time to be complete. We seldom just are. We seldom exist in the moment but rather rush ahead, as multi-tasking as taken over our lives. In rushing to create more time, we have less time. 
We need

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