Ten Easy Creative Play Tips for Busy People

It can seem impossible to fit time in your busy schedule for a little creative play even though research has shown that creativity and play are vital to living fulfilled lives. It can for one to see where, in their crazy schedule, they can squeeze in some creative play time. Let me tell you, I have some fabulous and easy creativity pleasing, playful tips just for the busy person.

  1. Carry your Fave pens (like markers, gel pens, or colored pencils) with you. Create a travel watercolor palette by saving an Altoids like tin, squeezing the colors in and let them dry. Instant palette. Sometimes you can pick little ones up in the birthday goody bag section at Target. Carry small good bag size of play dough or a small sketchbook/journal with you. Throw them in your purse, laptop bag of backpack. They don’t have to take a lot of room and if you have five or ten minutes somewhere, instant play time.
  2. REMIND yourself it is Okay to play. Use these affirmations through out your day if you need to. Play is an essential component to living a happy life.
  3. This is one of my favorite and brings back memories of being young: Carry a super Bouncy Ball with you. Great five minute time filler.
  4. If you are really struggling to justify play time, schedule it. Mark it on your calendar or in your phone just like you would any other appointment. Make time for it. Fifteen minutes at your desk doodling or making things from play dough. Put it on your agenda and make it a priority.
  5. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION. Maybe you can only be creative in short spurts; that is okay. It’s perfectly acceptable however you are able to do it. Th only person you are responsible to when it comes to your creativity is yourself. And including it in your life, creates a better you. World known author, Brene’ Brown said in several interviews, “Unused creativity is NOT benign.” It festers and turns against us. Say YES to your creative playful side.
  6. Most people have either a camera on their phone or own a small pocket camera. Go for a five minute walk and take as many pictures as you can. Make it game and take pictures of only red things or just trees. Whatever you desire. Take pictures of those things that delight you, even if it just your lunch.
  7. Feed your creative soul. Do you have a favorite magazine or maybe a kids book you loved once? Keep them someplace close and flip through them when you have time. Read an article. Really look at the pictures. Maybe its a book of photos. Whatever you choose, in five minutes your can refill the creative space within you.
  8. Browse Pinterest for a few minutes, on your phone or your computer. Read inspirational quotes. Look up DIY projects or recipes to try. Again, this is feeding your soul some inspiration for creativity to work well within you.
  9. Make yourself a “Happy List”. At least ten item list of the things, people, and places that make you happy. Review it often, especially if you are having an off day and doing something creative and playful seems difficult. Read your list. Remind yourself of the wonderful, delightful people, places and things in your world.
  10. PRACTICE. All things come with practice. Try small creative steps every day. Practice doing creative spurts. Practice play. It is only in practicing that we create habits. Positive habits improve our quality of life.

So there you have it. TEN easy Creative Play Tips for Busy People! Now, Go out and Play!