Ten Minute Tuesday: Posters

Today, I wanted to bring you something a little different for your Ten Minute Tuesday. Posters made for home walls are very popular on Pinterest right now. I see many people making them with favorite quotes or family mottos. So today, I am giving you quick tutorial on how to use Picmonkey, a web based photo editing program to make your own poster. I LOVE LOVE Picmonkey. I use it for many projects. For my poster, I created my own quote based off a much longer one I read on Pinterest. Just follow the directions in the photo’s below and have FUN!

Poster 1

When you first get to Picmonkey select your canvas size. For this project, I chose 8×10.

poster 2

Next I picked the canvas color. You don’t have to. You can leave it white but I already had a color scheme in mind when i started.

poster 3

Then I clicked on the little butterfly to the left. This allows you to do either pre-selected overlays or you can do like I did and choose a design or photo of your own.

poster 4

Next, I went to adding text. I chose my text, clicked “add text” and the text box appears. It auto adjusts to height and width. Or you can also change the size of the font in the little box that pops up.

poster 5

Here I centered with just a quick click.

poster 6

In the same little box, you can change font color as well. I love they way blues work together for this project.

poster 7

When you are finished, you click save and will be taken to this screen. Title your poster and tell the dialog box where you want to save. BOOM! Poster Done.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this tutorial… It was interesting and a lot easier than I thought. I have heard of picmonkey but now I am more inclined to give the fun it offers a try.

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