Photo Wednesday: Retreat

I crave to walk in green forests
with canopies of leaves and needles
floating above me;
to feel the damp earth beneath my feet,
smell redwoods, grasses, damp moss
and dogwood around me.
I long for the quiet breezes, rustling leaves,
and falling needles upon the earthen bed.
Birds twittering.
Squirrels dropping nuts and oak galls from the tree tops.
The sound of water trickling
down the stream bed
or rushing over river rocks.
it’s the sounds of the crashing waves
and soft sand through my toes.
Salty winds kissing my face.
Cold water washing over my knees.
it’s the rock ledge,
tucked away among green trees,
softly dangling my toes in the wide river.
The quiet stones whispering to my soul.