DIY: Glue Batik Painting

I have seen several “fake” batiks on Pinterest. They were bright and colorful and used Elmer’s Glue as a resist instead of wax. I read a few of tutorials and felt ready to try. The following pictures describe my adventure through this process.

batick 1

The first thing I did after finding suitable fabric, was freehand my design. You can use a stencil or sketch it out first. I was feeling more whimsical than specific so I went with freehand. I let the glue DRY COMPLETELY! This can take a few hours or, if you want to do it like I did, just let it sit overnight.

batik 2

Then I picked my colors of Acrylic paint. This is important and I will show you why at the end of the tutorial.

batik 3

At first I was being real careful not to color the glue, then I remembered what I read and seen so I just painted the blue right over the spirals. You do have to be careful not to get the glue too wet or it will smear.

batik 4

Almost done.

batik 5

Totally done. I let sit out and DRY completely! This is important.

batik 6

Then I soaked it in HOT soapy water. I had to let it sit for a bit. Then after about an hour I rinsed the remaining glue off with hot water while rinsing out the soap.

batik 7

DONE! I love the vibrant colors. Not bad for the first, I mean second time.

The reason for some of my warnings comes from the mistakes I made this first time around. 1) I used the wrong glue. Originally I see Elmer’s gel glue being used and on a couple of pictures it was just “No Run”School glue. I thought that Elmers Extreme craft glue would work. This was before the salt mandala attempt from last week.  2) I didn’t let it DRY ALL THE WAY! So when I added 3) WATERCOLORS I had a runny kind of mess. 4) Even though I finished letting it all dry once it was painted, I soaked it but since I used Water colors it faded out.  You can see my mistakes below. Let them be a warning to you.
Also, a note about the glue. The “no Run” school glue seemed to work fine but still ran a little, hence the blobby heart on the bottom. I have done some more reading and the Gel is supposed to work the best. Happy painting!