Five Easy Tips to Inspiration!

Tip 1

Inspiration has to be able to find you. If you don’t show up, and make yourself available then inspiration will come knocking and you won’t hear it. Or worse, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

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Tip 1 C

Make it one of your creative habits! Daily practice to be inspired.

Tip 2

Wait! What? Didn’t you just tell me to “Park It?” Yes, I did BUT if we get stuck in our inspiration sometimes it is best to move.

Tip 2A

Get up and walk. take a shower. If you’re writing, do something like coloring or painting and Vice versa. Inspiration can be fickle and when we get stuck and hyper focus, we chase it away. Sometimes this is why our best ideas may come in our sleep or in the shower because our mind is relaxed.

tip 3

Really, this needs no explanation. You HAVE TO DO THE WORK. The picture will not paint itself. The camera isn’t going to take itself for a walk. The pen and paper will not write the novel for you. Though it would be nice.

Tip 4A

Once we Park It, we Work It!

Tip 4

Trust me, you are going to make them. A lot of them. They are a natural part of the creative process.

Tip 3A

JUST DON’T GiVE UP! Remember you are not alone. There isn’t a creative person alive that hasn’t made a mistake. So make them. All kinds of them. Each time you do, you will learn from it and become better at your craft for it.

Tip 5

Creative work means putting our creative energy out into the world. This means that you must fill your creative self back up. Look for things that inspire you. Allow yourself to be inspired by simple things, little things, personal things or even people.

Tip 5 A

Surround yourself with what you are striving for. surround yourself with what delights you and keeps you motivated. Even if its a trashy romance novel or if its the dictionary.