7 Ideas to Spark Your Creative Soul

We all need a creative soul boost once in a while. It’s normal to feel that you are in a rut and are struggling to be creative. There is hope though. At those times when we can’t create, we can indulge our creative soul with bringing creativity to us. Here are Seven Ideas for Sparking Your Creative Soul.

  1. Pictures. Photographs. Take them. Anything that you find interesting. Do not pass judgment of good or bad. Just take them. Not in the mood to take pictures, go to a page like Flickr and browse through anything that catches your eye. Take the time to fill your visual senses with things you find interesting, beautiful, or even ugly.
  2. READ. Go to the bookstore or the library. Peruse the magazines. Read the international ones about other countries. Cooking, personal growth, or home decor. Maybe pick up one on cars or entrepreneurship. Find a favorite book section and read the back covers of new books. Explore what’s new in the book world.
  3. Take yourself on what Julia Cameron calls an “Artist Date.” Visit a local museum. It doesn’t have to be an art museum. History buff go to the history museum, science, trains…whatever excites you and will help fill up your creative soul. You can try to opposite and go to a museum that you might not normally visit, or even a local gallery where art is for sale and see who is up and coming in your community.
  4. Does your town have an “old town” area? Is there a town nearby that has an the “old town” vibe? Sometimes wandering and meandering through old buildings and gift shops lets down the guard we usually carry around with up as we take in the surroundings. Allow your guard to be down. Wander into new places. Touch stuff on the shelves (if you can). Notice the smells. Listen to the sounds. In Old Sacramento, I love listening to the sound of the old wood board walkways. In summer, there is the sound of the old train that the train museum runs that is in the background.
  5. Read Art Blogs. I love Kathryn Costa of 100Mandalas. I also follow Kelly Rae Roberts , SARK,  Leonie Dawson, and Jani Franck. I find others on Facebook. I follow other blogs that inspire me like  Bipolar Speaks, a blog combining her love for advocating for mental illness with her creative spirit. Find inspiring blogs to follow. Read them. Fill yourself up on their words and ideas.
  6. Wander. Wander. Wander. I love to wander the aisles of Michaels or Joann’s just to see what’s new. I love looking at the seasonal sections to discover what treasures there are. Sometimes I get some of my DIY ideas from projects that Joann’s is selling already made. I could just as easily say play on Pinterest. But there is something about the physical act of wandering through the store aisles that also allows that mind to wander and play. We are three dimensional beings and we need to interact with a three dimensional world. If you are someone like me who does a lot of their creative work on paper or on the computer, the act of physically touching and looking takes you to a different place than scrolling through Pinterest.
  7. Another “Artist Date.” Take yourself on a day trip someplace away from where you are. Sometimes I complain about living in Sacramento. It’s in a valley and summer gets WAY too hot for me. There is stuff to do but it doesn’t quite have the same energy as a place like San Francisco or Los Angeles. BUT it is about 2 hours from EVERYTHING. Two hours to the mountains. Two hours to Redwoods. Two hours to San Fran. Two hours to the beach. Two hours to the Nevada dessert (maybe just over).  The point is I can and have just taken little day trips to the ocean to fill my soul with salty sea air and to put my feet in soft sand. My family has made many a day trip to San Fran and Calaveras Big Trees (Giant Redwoods). Where can you venture for a day trip?

Our creative soul needs these little diversions to fill up on. We cannot create on an empty spirit. What will you do to spark you Creative Soul today?