Friday DIY: Family Sand Bottles

A popular unification ceremony at weddings these days is to pour sand from two separate containers into a glass vase, sometimes shaped like a heart, or a cylinder engraved with the couples names and wedding date. I have also sen the ceremony done as kids are combined in a marriage. Recently, a good friend reunified with her child and I wanted to honor that unification and celebrate it. So I took I made her a Unification set for to include both her children and herself.

  1. First step: Dollar Store! Hey, I am a woman on a VERY tight budget. I picked up sand and vases. I already had acrylic paint and watercolor paint and glitter.
Photo A sand bottles

The white sand wasn’t has fine as one might find at a craft store but it would work for this project. I decided on my colors: pink, teal, and purple. 

2. Next I used my water color paints to dye the sand the colors I wanted. Not the teal already had some nice fine glittery sand for me to mix once it was dyed.

Photo B sand bottles

I let the colors soak for all day in the sun. Then drained the water. It took a full afternoon in 100 degree heat to dry it thoroughly. 

3. While the sand was drying, I took my vases and painted them, using the colors on the vase to match the sand.

4. After the sand was dry, I mixed in the glitter because of course things need to sparkle. Then filled each of the vases.

Photo E Sand Bottles

5. Finally I wrapped them all in newspaper so they would tip or break in the gift bag and tied them with ribbons. Finally they were put in a pretty bag and given to my friend.

Photo F Sand Bottles

It really is a simple project. Here are a couple of tips: 1) I used liquid water color tubes BUT the color does not always stay. You can use food coloring but I was out 2) I wrote the names   on with marker first as I am not the greatest painter. It was much easier to paint over the permanent marker 3) You can just use already colored sand but dyeing it was part of the fun. 4) Make sure the sand dries all the way or you will have a clumpy mess when it’s poured.


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  1. I love the concept of taking this beautiful ceremony to a different level and using it as a family unification. No matter why or when a family is apart, reuniting deserves this honor. This article shows a wonderful way to involve the kids in this symbolic process. Great job!

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